QuickBooks Online is a very popular and well-liked online software for many small businesses. It keeps track of all expenses and income and keep an eye on the financial health of your business or organization. It is one of the best known tools used today for bookkeeping purposes. Keep reading to learn why Quickbooks Online is so popular and to get 55% off the first 3 months of your  subscription!




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QuickBooks is used for several different aspects of bookkeeping. The most popular ones are:

  • Invoicing customers
  • Paying online bills 
  • Generating online reports
  • Tax Preparation

Many businesses highly recommend QuickBooks Online for keeping track of their cashflows. They can generate monthly, quarterly, or yearly financial reports and can also prepare a schedule for business tax payable for the mentioned period.  

QuickBooks Online is advanced enough that it does not require any installation or specific operating system. It can easily be accessed through any modern web browser. Not limited to just a desktop computer, many features can also be easily accessed on your mobile device and by downloading the mobile app.  



QuickBooks Online can easily integrate with other technology to make the work simple and engaging for the user. Employees can also become more productive and efficient. QuickBooks does provide migration support and makes it easy to move from other software to QuickBooks.




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Whenever you start a new business, budgeting your money is one of the most important aspects you can give attention to. Obviously, the cost budget should be as low as possible. New start-ups cannot always afford the price of high-cost advanced programs or software for their accounting tasks such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, etc. New businesses want and need the most affordable yet high quality software like QuickBooks Online. They offer very affordable plans available for start-ups along with many sought after accounting features. 

When you find your business has grown and expanded and you think you need more advanced features, you can simply upgrade your plan or package with Quickbooks Online without losing any of your important information. 

QuickBooks is relatively easy to navigate. Many business owners traditionally prefer QuickBooks because it is known for being very easy to understand. The beginning setup is quick and easy, it takes little time to start performing the services, and the user with none to little finance knowledge can effortlessly take command of it.


Working Remotely with Quickbooks Online


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QuickBooks Online does not require the user to be physically present in the office or at the workplace. The accountant who is managing the accounts via QuickBooks only needs online access to records, therefore, the team can work remotely. This flexible feature of QuickBooks Online satisfies the demand for remote work and is a cost-saving feature that is very popular in today’s workplace. 


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There is no doubt that QuickBooks Online is an easy-to-understand and very economical software for accounting services. However, if you’re a business owner who doesn’t always have time to take care of all the financial aspects of your business, don’t worry. Here at Citrine Accounting and Taxes, I can manage each and every part of your businesses finances.

QuickBooks is the primary software I use for my bookkeeping clients. I am a Certified Pro-Advisor and have completed the training to achieve this status. The link to my ProAdvisor profile is https://proadvisor.intuit.com/app/accountant/search?searchId=fannie-hershberger

By using Quickbooks Online, I can make sure you’re on the right path to building and maintaining a successful business!


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